Stars inside the endless dreams


knock knock, who‘s there?
something you have never ever dreamed

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  • Število strani: 110
  • Prva izdaja: avgust 2020
  • Format: 15,5 x 21,5 cm
  • Vezava: mehka vezava


Mnenja bralcev

The poetry catches on something that is hardest to tell. The feelings of loneliness, vacancy, alienation and being left out by the world. Nina as poetic alchemist converts the pain into art and gives it a powerful connection. It will tell people who feel the same that they’re not alone and that’s the charm of this poetry.

Luna J. Šribar, writer

The poetry book gives a look into the complexity of experiencing depression and anxiety. It outlines the feelings which can’t be named. It opens the window of inner conflicts, thoughts and difficult moods.

Zarja Golouh, psychologist
Naročilo knjige